Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Diary,

I think I may have found the place... I know you've heard that before.

I found a house that seems almost perfect for The Scrap Inn.  I have to write a letter to the city council to get permission to use the house for The Scrap Inn.  I'm working on putting that together - or should I say, I'm procrastinating about writing the letter.  I know that if it's the right place all the details will fall into place.  Here is a picture of the scrap room minus the carpet.  Its a great size!

Posted by Picasa When I looked at it - I was excited about the size of this room for the scrapbook room - it's in the center of the house - has great outdoor lighting and did I mention lots of room.  My plan would be to remove the carpet and have a stained concrete floor.  There are also lots of outlets around the room - and the bookcase is removable (not sure if I will move it or not). It also has recessed lighting - which may need to be changed to tracked lighting - hard to tell in the day time.

It has 3 bedrooms & 2.5 baths, a dinning room, eat in kitchen area (with a chandelier ?), a laundry room, 2 car garage, nice yard - nice area, & ample parking.

Now for the almost part - I had wanted a "lounge area".  A small area where you can get away from the scraproom & relax & read a book, or watch TV or a movie.  There really isn't a room that would work for that.  I was thinking the laundry room - it is a good sized room with a window - but realized it has cabinets on 2 of the walls - and a sink with a cabinet.  Not real conducive to a cozy little area to escape to - so now the issue is:  am I willing to give that part of my dream up - or is there a way to make it work.  How important is it?

So the question of the week is:  How important is it to have a lounge area?    


  1. To me, that wouldn't be that important. If I really needed to get away and could go to my room, that would be enough.

  2. I love, love this room! So full of life and light!! Fantastic. You may want to keep the bookcase and store scrap supplies in it. You can get some cute baskets and fill with fun stuff. You can house your cricut there and all the carts!!

    I say you don't need a lounge area. I have a beautiful living room in my house and everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. I bet that is how it will be in your new scrap inn!! So exciting!! I wish I lived closer I would so visit often.

    Keep us posted, good luck with your letter.


  3. Wow! Great room. I don't think a lounge area is necessary...if I need a break I would go to my room or the kitchen or for a walk outside.

  4. I was thinking exactly the same thing as others have said - the kitchen seems to be a natural gathering place. If it's eat-in and large enough, people can gather there if they need to "get away". That room is lovely and if it feels right, you should go for it! :)

  5. Still waiting on the city! I'm sure it will be next week before I hear anything! I'm trying not to get too excited about this house - just in case the city will not give permission to use it. I'm continuing to belive that God will open the doors for me to go through - and this may or may not be the open door. My trust is in Him!

  6. I love this room! The light is wonderful and I think you could really use the shelving. I agree with the others, the kitchen will be a great break area. Food always kicks starts my creativity :)