Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Diary,

Another one to scratch from my list.  This was one I've been wanting to see for a while.  But was having a hard time getting someone willing to take me to see it.

Posted by PicasaOnce again, there was the neighborhood issue - although not as bad.  But I could hear Bob saying "No" as I drove into the neighborhood.  The spiral staircase - was very "appealing" but not at all practical - or for that matter, barely usable.  As I walked up them, I commented to the realtor, that had I not just lost 50 pounds, I don't think I'd have been able to fit.  The stairs were very narrow - barely shoulder width - and the only access to the upstairs.  Carrying a suitcase up the stairs would be almost impossible - but even more than that - I don't have a clue how the furniture would get up there.... Other than that, the house was too small - and the "game room" was way too small for the Scraproom!  

The drive was exactly 30 miles from work - and took 50 minutes - so, I did decide that was not too far - and maybe 50 or 60 miles would be doable!  

I've gotten a lot of response from the Realtors I contacted - and feel like I am finally able to make some progress.  Even if it's just deleting properties from my list - and being more aware of what I'm needing and wanting.

So, the search continues.  I've got another property scheduled to see.  I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow I am going to an all day crop with my friend.  (So why am I not planning pages & packing?).  I'm hoping to be able to do some networking while I'm there.  I hope to have the opportunity to hand out some of my business cards to the other scrappers.  We'll see!

I'm still wanting more opinions as to whether you would be comfortable knowing there was a prison within 5 miles of the inn?  What do you think?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Diary,

I promised an update on the property search - so here it is.  Hubby, Niko and I went and viewed 3 properties this evening.  The first one was a definate NO! 

House #1
 There was no Scrap Room space.  Although, it was an interesting house & Niko loved the 4 (or more) dogs.  Not at all what I was looking for. 

The second one (sorry no picture) - had possibilities - but would need a lot of updating.  The layout was fine and the Scrap Room would be ample space - although lighting would need to be added.  But the fact that it was within a mile of a federal prison and had several run down properties around it - made it a NO also. 

House #3
The third was a great house - move in ready - great layout for The Scrap Inn - but it was on a dirt road surrounded by run down trailer homes - the two closest ones looked like they had been abandoned.  Soooooo, no Scrap Inn yet - but a few more to take off the list of possibilities.  

I have gotten several phone calls and email responses from the emails I sent last night - but am too tired to deal with them tonight.  So the search continues!

New question:  Would the presence of a prison within 5 miles of a retreat deter you from staying there? 

Thanks for your comments!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Diary,

The search for property continues - who would have thought it would be soooo difficult.  I am now at the point where I am sending emails directly to the listing agent - hopefully, they will be able to answer the question as to whether or not the property has restrictions that would keep it from being able to be used, and whether it actually fits all the required criteria.  I sent 14 emails tonight.  Now, it's a matter of waiting for a response. 

I'm trying to not buy anything for The Scrap Inn - unless it's a deal I can't pass up.  Mainly because I'm running out of space to store it all.  I did find some great "trash buckets" for the tables.  They were on Easter clearance at Target.  They are not the small ones from the Dollar Spot - but actually a larger one decorated with flowers.

I'm hoping to go see some houses tomorrow.  My realtor sent me an email suggesting tonight or tomorrow night.  I didn't get it until after 8:00 - so  hopefully we will be able to go tomorrow. 

I'll keep you updated as things progress!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Diary,

Way too long since I've updated.  Mainly, because there isn't a lot happening right now.  The house search continues.  I've had another disappointment - but know it was God closing a door - that I'm sure I was not suppose to go through. 

On Monday during my prayer time, I got real honest with God, about my frustrations and doubts, and questioning Him as to whether I really could do this.  I feel like I've gone to far to turn back now - I've made some commitments and I don't want to just quit.  I asked God to please assure me that I was right about Him telling me "you can do this".  I asked Him to help me to trust in Him and not in myself - or the circumstances I see as barriers.  He gave me the following Bible verse:

If the Lord delights in a man's way, He makes his steps firm; though he stumbles, he will not fall, the for Lord upholds him with his hand.  Psalm 37: 23-24

I believe this is a confirmation from the Lord - that He will make my steps firm - that He will keep me from falling - that He will uphold me with His hand.  So why should I doubt?

I'm hoping to be able to check out a couple houses this week - it may be rather difficult with it being Easter weekend.  But, we shall see.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Diary,

I've been missing in action for awhile.  But for good reason.  Isaac Judsen was born March 31st.  He is quite the little guy.  He ended up being a C section - which meant Meme was needed longer than had been expected.

So now, to catch up with what's happening regarding The Scrap Inn. 

My business cards arrived - now I need to start passing them out.  They look very nice.  I hope they will generate not only interest in The Scrap Inn - but will be placed in the hands of future guests. 

I had become very discouraged in the property search - it is not going at all how I expected.  I have had a hard time getting answers from those who are supposedly finding me the property.  Not quite sure what the problem is with that.  Then there are some other issues that I can't discuss here - that have come up.  Sunday night - Bob and I came up with the perfect plan.  Only to realize about an hour later that it would not work.  So, needless to say I was becoming very discouraged.

While feeling discouraged I had to remind myself, that I need to put my trust in God - and not become discouraged by circumstances.  I reminded myself that if this is God's plan (which I believe it is) - it will work out - just the way it's suppose to in His timing.  Bob and I began discussing other options - which led me to look on Craig's list for a house.  (I hardly ever go on Craig's list).  Anyway, tonight I called about a house on Craig's List.  It sounds perfect - the price is right - the location is good - and this may be a better option regarding financing.  The house is still occupied by the owners - and it may be a while before they are actually ready to sell - so now it's a waiting game.  I can't go into all the details - but it looks very promising.  My prayer is that God will open the doors He wants us to go through - and that I will be patient and allow things to happen in His timing.  I'm reminded of the verse - God has a plan for me - a plan to prosper me and not to harm me. He's in control.