Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Diary,

Turns out the house below is NOT The Scrap Inn.  The reason I asked for opinions as to whether it was the Scrap Inn - is because it just wasn't what The Scrap Inn looks like in my mind.  When this house looked like it might be The Scrap Inn - I needed confirmation that others could picture it as The Scrap Inn - I wasn't totally seeing it!

I got a lot of emails - saying it looked nice - and then had other questions like - was there a bedroom downstairs, was there ample parking, was it nice inside, was it south, etc.  But my favorite email was from a dear friend - who stated it looked like a very nice house - but not at all what she pictured as The Scrap Inn.  That was kind of the response I expected to hear the most.

So, not just because it doesn't have The Scrap Inn look - but for many other reasons - I decided to move on and keep looking.  So, the hunt continues.

I'm holding on to my belief that God has perfect timing - he's never early and he's never late!  So, I'll continue to look and count on his perfect timing.

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