Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Diary,

Okay, once again we're back at square one.  Thankfully, God closed (slammed) the door on what I was sure was going to be The Scrap Inn.  Luckily, things did not progress as quickly as I wanted them to, and in the end we were saved from a BIG mistake. 

As I've said before God's timing is perfect.  Once again I feel like even though things did not go the way I thought they should, that they went just as they should have and we have gained more knowledge.  I thank God, that He saved us from what would have been a terrible mistake, and that He closed the door in a way that there is "no one to blame".

I shared with my sister that if this didn't work out I was going to be very disappointed.  Her response was - "with who?"  I had to think about that one - and realized that it would be wrong for me to be disappointed, because if it didn't work out it was as it should be.  I also believe God prepared me beforehand for the closed door.  I also thank Him, that it was obvious to both Bob and I that the door was closed!

What an awesome God I serve.  Now the search continues - with a renewed desire for God's leading.  

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  1. You must have shared that with Leila, she has all that wisdom!!
    I was just thinking of Bible Study last night and one of the points that was brought up about God teaching us, not just telling us. So, in your waiting for the right time, he is teaching you. I really appreciated that message, I think too often, I would rather just hear than go through the process of learning.

    Hang in there, it will be when it is to be!!