Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Diary,

The search for property began on line - I saved over 100 houses, I thought might work.  Then I began looking into the laws regarding starting a business.  I still have a lot of questions and hope to be able to get some guidance once I've got a better idea of where The Scrap Inn will be.

Oh yeah - the name - I thought of it the next Saturday while watching Niko play soccer.  I couldn't wait to bounce it off of other people.  At first I was thinking the Scrap Inn - but then decided it need the "THE" so it wouldn't sound like a verb.  I would have loved to use something to do with "scrappinpsycho - or the asylum"  but - didn't think that would be too appealing to some people.  So The Scrap Inn it is.  What do you think of the name?


  1. "The Scrap Inn" is a good name. It says it all.

  2. I love it and agree with Linda it does say it all. What more do we need? LOL


  3. I can't wait until your dream is your reality.