Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Diary,

So far I have bought:
  • a few dishes - decided I'm going to go with the Fiesta (look) and will have all colors.  This will make it easy (I hope) to find - and will mean that I can easily replace them if they get broken.
  • clear drinking glasses - great clearance sale at Target
  • 18 dish towels - another great clearance sale at Target
  • 8 fluffy bath towels - ditto on Target
  • a cute welcome sign - Valentine clearance at JoAnns
  • several different coffee mugs - once again - not going for the all the same - this will make it easier for ladies to keep up with which cup is theirs. GW
  • a metal collendar - GW
I'm trying to hold off on a lot of the stuff until I better know where and what the property will be.

Last Night I:
bought 5 6 foot tables from Target.  They were on sale and I didn't want to miss the deal.  I have 90 days to decide if they are what I want and if they are going to work.

Today I:

Reviewed the 9 houses to see on Wednesday.  The realtor will be checking for any restrictions on the properties and see if they are likely to work. 

And of course started the Diary of The Scrap Inn blog.

Niko plans to make smoothies for the guests!  He thinks that should be part of the advertising - he also suggested I may want to get bumper stickers for the ladies to put on their cars!!!!!  Hmmm!  Maybe he has something there!

I plan to go back and add more of the history - but don't want to loose track of the here and now.  So this will probably jump around a lot, at least until I get the previous information captured.



  1. Sounds like you are on your way!!

  2. Wow wee, you really mean business. This is so exciting to go through this journey with you. I wish you lived closer!! I would so visit to your Inn!!