Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Diary,

Off house hunting again today.  Very excited to see what's out there. 

Found out that the houses I looked at on Wednesday - can be used as an Inn as far as zoning is concerned.  That was great news.  Also, decided that the house with the steps was NOT an option. 

Tried figuring out how much SCRAP space is needed per person - I'm really wanting to have 6 foot tables per person - not sure how realistic that is.  But I'm taking my tape measure today - that will give a better feel for the scraproom posibilities.

I'll report in later with the house hunt results.

How much space do you think is needed per person? 


1 comment:

  1. Hope your hunt went well. I was on the phone when you called an going to bed as soon as I get home....that is all I do, go to bed. I hope to chat with you tomorrow. I don't know how much space is needed, I have a full basement and get nothing done, may have something to do with the statement I made above (always going to bed). If they would pay me to do it, I would get a lot done ;)

    Looking forward to hearing about the hunt. I am praying for you!!