Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Diary,

So, lots has happened since my last update.  I'll try not to go into too much detail.

On Saturday I found the house I wanted - I was excited about it - and loved the location etc.  The problem was - it was a lot more than I wanted to pay - and was smaller than what I wanted.  I spoke to my hubby on the phone - and he wasn't as thrilled with it as I was (he's always the more practical one).  I have been praying that We will be on a united front - and it wasn't going that way.  So of course, my prayers were for God to change his mind - help him to be more open minded etc...  We'll by Sunday morning, my mind was changing - I started questioning myself - as to why I would pray for opened & closed doors and yet not see this as a closed door - I started realizing some other attitude changes that I needed to make.  I came to the conclusion that this wasn't the house for me.  When I told my hubby - he was still willing to go and look at it - although I pretty much felt the door was closed on this one - we decided to go look at it together.  He found several issues with the construction - that we're obvious issues.  Then there was the concern for the energy efficiency - it was obvious there was going to be an issue due to the number and kind of windows.  After looking at the house more closely - and seeing past the "cosmetics" we were both convinced it was not the house for us.  After a visit to the property neighbor it was even clearer!  Turns out the property had been bought cheaply due to the fact that it had major water damage - it was bought to flip.  We had seen many indications of things being covered up with paint that should have been repaired.  So, this just made it even more clear that this was not the property for us.

Later, I realized that God had made us united - just not in the way I expected Him to do it. Isn't it interesting how we sometimes think we know just how God should answer our prayers.  This was just a reminder to me - that if I want God to lead in this - I need to be willing to follow in HIS direction. 

We also decided we still have a lot of questions regarding the legal aspect of having a business, getting the right kind of loan for the business etc... So, I have made an appointment to meet with an attorney later this week.  Hopefully, that will answer some of our questions - and get us going in the right direction. 

Please continue to keep this in your prayers!



  1. I am reading the latest Francine Rivers' book. In the story about women over the course of about 100 years, the great-grandmother tells the youngest character how her plans for her life didn't go the way she wanted, but in the end of her life she realized how much better God had for her than what her own plan would have been.

    A good lesson to keep telling ourselves in everything we do, God knows the end from the beginning and He will lead you to the right house at the right time. Trust in Him!!

  2. Thanks Chrissy Pooh! I appreciate the encouragement - and reminder of WHO's Inn this will really be.