Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Diary,

I promised an update on the property search - so here it is.  Hubby, Niko and I went and viewed 3 properties this evening.  The first one was a definate NO! 

House #1
 There was no Scrap Room space.  Although, it was an interesting house & Niko loved the 4 (or more) dogs.  Not at all what I was looking for. 

The second one (sorry no picture) - had possibilities - but would need a lot of updating.  The layout was fine and the Scrap Room would be ample space - although lighting would need to be added.  But the fact that it was within a mile of a federal prison and had several run down properties around it - made it a NO also. 

House #3
The third was a great house - move in ready - great layout for The Scrap Inn - but it was on a dirt road surrounded by run down trailer homes - the two closest ones looked like they had been abandoned.  Soooooo, no Scrap Inn yet - but a few more to take off the list of possibilities.  

I have gotten several phone calls and email responses from the emails I sent last night - but am too tired to deal with them tonight.  So the search continues!

New question:  Would the presence of a prison within 5 miles of a retreat deter you from staying there? 

Thanks for your comments!



  1. it a Maximun Security Prison or one of those "resort" prisons? I don't think it would deter me.

  2. no it wouldn't me either in fact I just happen to know a person who is runnign her business of her home and happen to live the prison. lol so as long as the security is low risk and you take the step to protect the people for just in case kinda of things then should be fine